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One Day Technical Workshop on

Underground Coal Gasification

At the 31st International Pittsburgh Coal Conference

Date: Monday 6th October 2014

Venue: Westin Hotel ,1000 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA

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This specially designed one day course will introduce the basic principles of underground coal gasification, what is required of the coal and overburden to establish a satisfactory commercial process and the importance of a multi - disciplined approach to accelerate global deployment.

Course content will be delivered by UCG Association Personnel and external expert speakers.


Confirmed Presenters include:Johan Brand, African Carbon Energy, SA

Dr Johan Van Dyk, African Carbon Energy, SA. Burl Davis, Carbon Energy, Aus

Bob Godbolt, Scientific Drilling, Houston, USA, Julie Lauder, CEO,UCG Association.

Key Topics Included:

  •  Site Selection Criteria
  •  Modern gasification technology and downstream products
  •  Large-scale coal gasification projects: existing and in development
  •  By-products of gasification and their uses
  •  Environmental performance
  •  CO2 capture from gasification plants and its uses

 As the workshop will be held just ahead of the 31st International Pittsburgh Coal Conference,

 this affords us the opportunity of being able to secure lectures from those leading the field in commercial UCG 

 and enable course attendees to gain valuable insight into UCG techniques and enhance participation in the UCG sessions at the IPCC.


                           Cost: $250.00 per person (non UCGA Members)

                                     $200.00 per person (UCGA Members)


Workshop registration fee covers the workshop and all related materials

copies of all presentations, speaker profiles d contact etails, Lunch and all refreshements throught the day .

Registration Form and programme details available here


Registration for this Workshop is separate from registration for the

31st International Pittsburgh Coal Conference

to be held October 6th - 9th at the Westin Convention Centre

Special accommodation rates apply for all event delegates

at the Westin Hotel and Convention Centre

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UCGA has been commissioned by leading energy companies, organisations and regulatory departments to present bespoke in-house /workshopsfor both information and Training purposes to their employees and technicians and we have recently commenced a register of employers and employees in the industry to support the end use of this growing knowledge base.
In 2008 we introduced a successful Workshop day to our Annual Conference, which is now a permanent feature, this enables members to be kept informed of technical advances, legislative or regulatory information pertinent to UCG.
We also present UCG workshops in house for those seeking to train staff and at leading energy events around the world.
Past events include;  a two day event in India with the EU, plus half day Workshops at the SMi Gasifiation Conference, London June 2009, The Global UCG Summit, London 2009 and one day events at the Pittsburgh Coal Conference, September 2008 & 2009.
Workshops can be tailored to give a general overview of the UCG industry or stailored for a specific audience focusing on one aspect of UCG, .

To find out how we can organise a one, two or half day event for your organanisation please contact:
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Members can access past Workshop presentations in the members section.

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